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I love Long Weekends

Ok. I’m just saying, long weekends are the best thing ever. Three days off just makes all the difference to me. I’m lucky that I have a couple of long weekends in a row coming up.

So far my weekend is going pretty well. I’ve got to do some housework today. But yesterday I had one of those sort of perfect days when you get a little bit of everything done. It all started with an early morning visit from a friend who brought me a large Dunkin’ Donuts coffee with skim milk. It tasted amazing and was the perfect thing at 8:30 on a Saturday morning.

My sister made me breakfast on Saturday morning – amazing scrambled eggs. She added milk and some sort of cheese, and the eggs were great. I can’t remember the last time someone made me breakfast. It was nice. I had a piece of toast, too.

Eventually I motivated myself to get a run in. I ran 6 1/2 miles outside and it was a beautiful day! The only somewhat difficult thing about this winter is figuring out what to wear on my outdoor runs. Yesterday I had on my running tights, a long sleeved under armor shirt (a heavier weight, made for cold days I think) and a fleece vest. Half way through I put the vest on a park bench, and picked it up on my way back during my first loop. When I finished the first loop, I dropped the vest off at the car. I was definitely a little warm. My ears were a little cold, but I knew I would be too hot if I had my hat on. It is all a delicate balance, I guess!

After my run was finished, I stopped by City Sports to see if I could pick up some sort of jacket for next week’s half marathon. I wanted to have some foul weather gear just in case it was raining or snowing. I picked up this cool Brooks running jacket, which was 50% off on the clearance rack – not bad!


This is a shelter jacket. It will help protect from wind (and I am sure it’s going to be windy regardless on the Cape next weekend) and rain but it is not waterproof – that would be impossible because you would not be able to breathe in the jacket. I am sort of a superstitious person when it comes to certain things. I thought that if I bought a ‘rain jacket’ maybe it would not rain on race day. The forecast, seven days out, says that it will be sunny and 42 degrees! My fingers and toes are crossed – I would love a day like that for the race.

After City Sports I stopped by East Side market where I picked up some Kashi granola bars, Luna bars, Fage yogurt, Bare Naked granola, soy milk, and a couple of other things. I came home and ate a small piece of pizza for my post run snack (by this time I was starving!).

My sister, mom and my sister’s boyfriend made dinner last night. It was wonderful. They used a few recipes from Ina Garten’s Back to Basics cookbook. We had roasted broccoli, baked potatoes with Greek yogurt, and haddock with whole grain mustard and capers. Everything was delicious.


After dinner we played games for hours. It was a fun night.

Happy Sunday morning, everyone. I’ll be back in a bit!


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