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Time To Taper

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope that a lot of you had the day off. I sort of live for three day weekends. They are like mini-vacations 🙂

I just looked up Hal Higdon’s half marathon training guide to see what I should do the week of a half marathon. Wow – I love taper weeks! Today I ran 3 1/2 miles and now I only have two TWO MILE runs left for the week! I am planning to run on Tuesday (tomorrow) and maybe Thursday. On Friday I’m going to wash all of my stuff, write out a to do list, and start packing.

For me running is a delicate balance. This morning I overslept. I was supposed to get up at 8:15 but instead, I hit the snooze button and went back to sleep. Eventually I woke up at 10:30! What?! Well, I guess that is what we have holidays for… sleeping in.

For breakfast I had two big mugs of coffee and half a bagel with peanut butter. It took me a really long time to get my act together today. I finally started cleaning my room and doing a few things around the house. At around 1 o’clock I was finally able to get started on my errands.

At 3 o’clock I got ready for my run. I tried my new Brooks running jacket – it came in handy because it was so windy outside. I did a low key 3 1/2 mile run and it was pretty cold. I had a really hard time motivating for the run – but I am glad I did it and I felt better after.

For my afternoon / post run snack I had a big salad at around 5 o’clock and a few Laurel Hill lime chips. (I love these chips!!) Then I started the oven and eventually heated up another piece of Saturday night’s fish and a baked potato. What a great dinner!

That is pretty much all I have to report. I’m packing my running things tonight and hopefully I can just get a two mile run out of the way tomorrow after work. I’m going to pack a breakfast and lunch for tomorrow and hopefully I can be efficient this week.


Do four day work weeks ever seem longer to you than five day work weeks do? Sometimes I feel like four day weeks can be an eternity. I hope this one goes by quickly.

See you guys tomorrow!


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