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Checking in…

Why hello there, bloggies! I know, it has been a while so I just wanted to check in with you and say hey 🙂

It has been a busy couple of weeks, and I’ve missed checking in with you on a daily basis. But here is a brief recap.

This week I brought in a small container of soy milk for breakfast, and I packed a baggie of cereal and fresh berries every day for breakfast. These berries that my mom picked up were really fantastic. They tasted like summer!


Yes, in case you were wondering, this tasted as good as it looked!! There are now donuts available in the caf at work, so I have to be sure to pack a good breakfast in the morning. I do not crave donuts at all – but you never know, and I would not be really happy if I had to have a donut one day for breakfast! 🙂 (A bagel is a totally different story – I love a good bagel. But the caf is not the place to find one.)

Lunches have looked like this:


(sometimes with granola and sometimes without – when I don’t have the granola I have a Kashi granola bar a couple of hours after lunch)

This week has been busy for me, as I have already said. I did get to the gym on Monday and Thursday, thankfully. When I didn’t have dinner plans with friends, I was on my own. I had the help of East Side Market though, so I did pretty well for myself. Here is what I enjoyed last night for dinner:


Homemade couscous with fresh grape tomatoes and scallions, green beans with almonds, and grilled chicken (both from ES Market). What a great dinner!

Ok, I have to get my day started – I’ll be back soon. I hope your weekends are off to an excellent start!


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