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Running in the rain…

All day at work I kept an eye on my office window wondering what my post – work run would be like. It was not looking all that great. My afternoon snack was a handful of unsalted peanuts and a couple of dark chocolate chips. (So good!) On the way home from work I sipped on a soy protein shake (made with a scoop of chocolate protein powder, water and ice):

Image 1.jpg

So no one said the Summer Run Streak would be easy or fun every day. Today I certainly did not want to run in the rain. It was 50 degrees, windy and raining. Fun times! Mom snapped a photo of me post rainy run:


The run itself was not bad. I ran 1.1 miles and I ran it quickly because I wanted to be DONE with running for the day! The first half mile I ran a 6:30 split. The last .6 miles was only a 9 minute mile split. I finished in about 8:30 minutes (or something like that?). After my run I snacked on a few of these amazing chips that my mom brought home from the market (umm apparently she forgot about my vacation detox which is continuing this week!)


If you see these Pumpkin Seed tortilla chips in your local market make sure to pick them up. I loved them! I also took a hot shower and enjoyed a great mug of peppermint tea:


I watched the nightly news with Brian Williams and read my Runner’s World Magazine. At around 7 o’clock I started dinner. Fritatta tonight. I chopped up scallions and red peppers, and sautéed them in some EVOO…


Then I added spinach to the skillet:


I added the eggs and cheddar cheese and cooked them for a while on the stove top:


Then under the broiler for a few minutes to finish everything up:


My plate looked pretty good after everything was al finished. (I had one more piece after this one)


OK, so now I’m going to get ready for tomorrow. I have to prepare smoothies, make a salad, pack my work bag, and relax again with my Runner’s World magazine! I hope you all had a good Monday. See you tomorrow!


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