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Peaches and wraps

I had the best peach on Tuesday:

… I also had a great turkey wrap:

And a handful of Kashi crackers:


After my low key smoothie on Tuesday morning and my pumpkin granola bar, I enjoyed a peach at noon time. I went for a two mile walk at 12:30 with two of my good friends, and on the way back from my walk I stopped by the University down the road from my office and paid a visit to their cafeteria. I picked up a fantastic, fresh and made to order turkey wrap. It was amazing. I ordered a turkey wrap (on a whole wheat wrap) with hummus, mustard, lettuce, tomato and red onions. Two small pickle spears came on the side.  I loved every bite of the sandwich. I ate half when I got back to my desk and ate the other half an hour later.

Over the weekend I was filling extremely low energy. I had not been running that much, but I had been running every day. On Saturday I had a long run, and after that I just felt zapped of all energy and ability to do much of anything. For the last couple of days I have been trying to re-evaluate my food intake. On a normal day when I am not exercising too much, I try to stick to a low calorie diet. I’m not a big person, and on a normal day if I am not very active, I do not burn a lot of calories. I aim to consume about 12oo calories on a day to day basis, and if I run or exercise, I add the calories that I am burning (or at least some of them) so that I can give myself enough to keep myself going. But after being so tired lately, I decided to start eating more food. I have a philosophy that as long as I am eating foods that are natural and healthy, I do not have to worry constantly about how much I am consuming. If I am hungry, I will eat a peach, or some carrot sticks or even some whole wheat crackers with hummus. I also drink a lot of water.  I am going to see how this new plan goes and maybe I will have more energy.

I skipped my workout yesterday because I simply ran out of time. I am glad that I did get my walk in during lunch since I did not run (as I had scheduled for) after work. Instead I had dinner with one of my best friends and her almost two year old daughter! Sometimes you have to make exceptions to your training plans for wonderful, life long friends – right??

Danielle made an amazing pizza (tomato sauce and part skim mozzarella cheese) on a whole wheat crust. I brought fixings for a spinach and vegetable salad and Danielle also roasted Brussels sprouts. Our dinner was pretty fantastic! If only I had snapped a photograph!

We also snacked on some java Stonyfield frozen yogurt after dinner – which was a great treat.

I must admit now that I am eating a bit more food, I have had more energy for the last couple of days.  I hope that you are all having a great Wednesday – and I will report back later about today’s food and tonight’s dinner.

Until then, bloggies!


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