Stay cool, bunnies!

Wow. It is H-O-T out there. An hour ago it was 94 degrees in Providence. Tomorrow it is going to be even warmer! I hope you are all drinking a lot of water and staying cool somehow!

Yesterday was another day when I did not have a planned out food day because I still had not been to the grocery store. It is sort of fun not to stress about food – the last couple of nights I have had so much more free time because I am not in the kitchen. But don’t worry – this trend is definitely not going to last much longer. I don’t think my wallet or body could stand it too much longer!

For breakfast on Tuesday I did have a smoothie, as I wrote yesterday. For lunch I went outside for a few minutes and then I had a caesar chicken wrap and I split a small bag of Cape Cod potato chips with Katherine:

Image 1.jpg

For some reason this lunch really tasted like summer to me. I loved it! The sandwich was so perfect – I guess it was a combination of the protein and the tanginess of the caesar dressing, which was just enough – I hate over dressed salads and sandwiches – that made it so tasty. It also kept me full until dinner time, this never happens to me!

Dinner certainly was something special and it screamed summer even though the heat had not arrived yet. After work Mom and I got in the car and drove to Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder House. Am I kidding you???? NO. That’s right – we ate at a place with the word Doughboy in the title! Mom and I both agree that the clam cakes we had were the best we have ever eaten! We ordered cups clam chowder and clam cakes:


Oh my gosh. I wish I could eat all of this for dinner again tonight! [Oh, even though the crackers are in the picture – I did not eat them, I dunked my clam cake right into the chowder!] I loved this dinner.

After dinner Mom and I went over to Trader Joe’s and shopped quite a bit. We had an entire cart full of food – we had not been to Trader Joe’s in over a year, so we had quite a few things to get. I will highlight some items in upcoming posts, I promise!

I think I might be melting, so I am going to refill my seltzer glass and get some more ice cubes. More to come in a little bit – see you soon!


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