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It’s All About the Shoes…

Ok, so if this was a more “normal” blog, the shoe conversation would probably be about sling backs, heels, pumps, or even ballet flats. A good pair of Steve Madden’s anyone???

But this is not a fashion blog. I don’t talk about high heels, and I hardly ever wear them. I am talking about running shoes. Last week at the BAA training session, I had a the chance to listen to Bill Rodgers talk. One of his number one pieces of advice was “find shoes that you love” to run in. SERIOUSLY. Easier said than done! I have been trying on running shoes like it is my job the last couple of weeks. Today was no different. I tried on more running shoes. This time I tried Asics:

Image 2.jpg

The Asics I tried on were really comfortable and I could tell that I liked them. I tried on the nimbus and ended up getting the Asics Gel Kayano 18. I was so excited to head to the gym after work today to try them out. More on that – but first a recap of the food of the day.

For breakfast this morning I had another smoothie and it traveled well in the car:

Image 3.jpg

In the mix today:

Spinach, blueberries, a small banana, plain Chobani 0% yogurt and a little of plain 0% regular yogurt, a scoop of chocolate Whey protein powder, ice and water. Yum. (This made two smoothies)

At 10 o’clock some of my colleagues were having a bagel break for one of my friends who is moving to a different office. I had half a bagel and saved the other half to go with my lunch. I had been craving a bagel all week, so it was really hard to turn it down.

I had errands to run in the morning and I walked around for over an hour in downtown Boston. I am so glad that it stopped raining by the time I had to head into downtown! I am glad I had the bagel because I did not have time for lunch until 1:30 this afternoon. Lunch was carrots, red peppers, another Whole Foods yogurt (strawberry this time – I still only mixed half the fruit in) and the other half of the bagel toasted with hummus. Yum!!!

Image 1.jpg

After work I went straight to the gym and ran two miles. I varied my speed from 5.0 to 6.8 during the run. The shoes felt good. There was a little “hot spot” at the end of my run, but it did not turn into a blister. Maybe I need new socks??? Ugh. It never ends. I wish I could just find the right combo of everything so my feet would feel good while I was running. I cannot wait for fall – when it cools down and I will be more comfortable in general during my runs. 🙂

After the gym I went to one of my favorite restaurants – 102 Noodles. Tonight my mom, my friend Annie and I enjoyed some amazing scallion pancakes. We all ordered something different. I ordered Bee Bong tonight with soba noodles and shrimp. It was divine. Mom and Annie tasted mine and voted it the best dish of the night. The fresh vegetables in the dish make it feel really fresh and almost like a salad.


I hope you all had a great day – and I hope that you did something to celebrate the 100th birthday of the one and only Julia Child, if that is your thing. It certainly is my thing. I love and miss Julia.

See you tomorrow, bloggies!!


2 thoughts on “It’s All About the Shoes…

  1. Ugh, I hear ya! Trying on running shoes is rough…I always feel like Goldilocks. Too small, too big, just right. I’m an Asics girl, too!


    1. It is wonderful to know that I am not the only one! The Asics felt pretty good last night during my “test run” of two miles. Fingers & toes crossed that this is THE pair!! 🙂

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