Pumpkin Bread and Almond Butter

Good morning, everyone!! It has been ages since my last post – but thankfully I have a few things to write about and I will be back later today to tell you what I’ve been eating and how things are going in general.
First things first – I had an amazing breakfast this morning:


A slice of Mom’s homemade pumpkin bread (recipe to follow as soon as I can get my hands on it – I promise!) and a tablespoon of long lost BARNEY BUTTER.Personally I am so glad that Whole Foods now sells Barney Butter! I scheduled my entire night around swinging by to pick up a jar to keep at the office [thankfully swinging by Whole Foods also means going to the gym for a 30 minute elliptical work out) 🙂 The last time I did this the jar lasted about six weeks. I really hope I get get it to stretch that far again. But I am keeping tabs on the jar and my extreme almond butter habit! 😀

Yesterday I had a slice of the pumpkin bread and did not have a chance to eat again until lunch after a 25 minute walk.  One reason I have not been writing much lately is that I have been so busy in every aspect of life (work, personal, exercising on a regular basis  [at least a 30 minute walk every single day and every day I can I get to the gym for an additional 45 minute work out] figuring out food for dinner, lunch and breakfast and I have been feeling somewhat culinarily uninspired – has taken up nearly every moment of my free time, sadly.)

I have been eating good food lately.  Sunday I made dinner with the idea of lunch leftovers in mind – homemade chicken parm with my homemade tomato sauce and whole wheat pasta (from TJ’s of course). I was lucky enough to have the chicken, sauce and pasta for lunches on Monday and Tuesday – photos to follow.

While I have been good about getting exercise in the form of walking at least 30 minutes a day and going to the gym every night possible (which on good weeks I am lucky to get to the gym four nights during the week) I really need to get back into running. That is my promise this week. I will go running on Saturday morning – at least three miles.

Happy Thursday, blog readers! More to come soon – so stay tuned.


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