Hump Day

I have never need to celebrate hump day so much in my life. [Well, that is probably not true, but it feels that way right now] I’m so glad that I am over half way done with this work week 😀

Today was much of the same, but overall the mood at work was better. I was still seriously in over-productive mode, and that was awesome. Especially since most of my energy was put into the projects that are my priority. I had a huge sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. However, I worked over my normal 8 1/2 hour day and still brought work home with me. SO tonight’s post is a brief one.

Breakfast: same as it has been all week. Whole grain english muffin, a scoop of Barney Butter. I had coffee at my desk, too (a lot of times I’ve been skipping coffee at work this week and opting for tea with honey instead).

I worked my butt off until lunch. I was moving and lifting boxes most of the morning, and it was “fun”. At 11 o’clock I ran up to my desk because my stomach was grumbling and I was starving. A quick handful of trail mix (I love the Monster trail mix from Target even though it has a lot of sugar with the chocolate chips and M&Ms… oops)

At noon I went for a walk even though my feet were achy from all the activity during the morning. My throat hurt too. But it was good to get outside.

Lunch was another salad with lots of fresh vegetables and even some green beans thrown in. I added grilled chicken on top and at 5:50 this morning I whipped up my own homemade dressing, a dash of grape seed oil, a splash of champagne vinegar and a drop of light soy sauce. Wow, that was a great dressing. After lunch I was still hungry so I had a Kashi granola bar.

I had 1/3 of a cupcake at 3pm this afternoon to celebrate a birthday. And a handful of pretzels. My greek yogurt would have been a better afternoon treat, but I felt the need to celebrate a little.

Dinner tonight was more homemade butternut squash soup, a piece of bread and four pieces of an amazing tuna sushi roll with avocado on top. Delish!

I had my fitbit on again today, and without even going to the gym I walked over 12,000 steps today! Fantastic, especially because I did not have time for the gym.

Back to work!


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