Polenta, Beans, Tomatoes and Kale

Hi there Blog Readers.

The other day I adapted another recipe from a Cooking Light magazine. Their original recipe was a polenta, tomato, cannelloni and rosemary dish. I added kale to our recipe for more vitamins and bulk (and because we had some in the refrigerator and I wanted to make sure to use it).

I really like this recipe because it is so easy. I sliced up half a package of Trader Joe’s polenta. I coated a grill pan in cooking spray and plopped the polenta down.

photo 1.jpg

While the polenta cooked, I washed the beautiful tomatoes and cut them in half.

photo 2.JPG

I heated up olive oil in a non-stick pan. Added the kale, and then added a can of low sodium cannelloni beans and garlic. The last thing I added to the pan was the tomatoes. I added a splash of champagne vinegar and a bit of water to give the mixture some liquid to cook in.

photo 3.JPG

All of this was finished in under twenty minutes. What a great dinner for a week night when you are short on time! It was a big hit in my house. The final plates looked beautiful – I topped the dish with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

photo 4.JPG

We had the same meal for lunch again the next day. It was fairly inexpensive and a very satisfying meal. Polenta is one of my favorite things these days!


2 thoughts on “Polenta, Beans, Tomatoes and Kale

  1. That looks really yummy. I actually just found out what polenta is a few weeks ago–not too good for an Iowa girl. It is delicious.

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