I skipped breakfast today…

This morning I could not get up. My alarm started going off at 5:45 AM. The same time it goes off every week day morning. It is pitch black at that time. I do not really love having an alarm go off before 6 AM in the morning. It does not seem right. Oh well.…… Continue reading I skipped breakfast today…

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Getting ready for Monday – packing lunch!

Hi All – I am just wrapping up a productive Sunday and Sunday night. I am returning to my roots – of packing lunch the night before! It is such a great feeling waking up in the morning, knowing that your coffee is being made and that your lunch is already ready and waiting in…… Continue reading Getting ready for Monday – packing lunch!

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Tuesday – last day before vacation!

Hi Everyone – Wow – so I am officially on vacation now – yes!  It feels so nice to be on break.  I woke up this morning realizing that I just had to get through one more day before holiday break – and that was all I needed to get motivated! For coffee this morning,…… Continue reading Tuesday – last day before vacation!