I skipped breakfast today…

This morning I could not get up. My alarm started going off at 5:45 AM. The same time it goes off every week day morning. It is pitch black at that time. I do not really love having an alarm go off before 6 AM in the morning. It does not seem right. Oh well.

The alarm went off for a while, and I was still basically asleep – I hit the snooze button at least twice. I finally got up at 6:05 and was out the door on my way to work in no less than twenty minutes.  🙂

By the time I got to work, I had finished my first cup of coffee in my to go coffee cup. I went to the staff coffee station at work and put another splash of coffee in my mug. Somehow I managed to skip breakfast – but I did remember to throw into my mouth a small handful of peanuts and raisins. Breakfast of champions, I tell you!

The lack of breakfast was a huge mistake. I have been hungry all day. It is basically all my fault, too.

I ate half of my turkey sandwich at 11:15 as I was working at my desk. The turkey sandwich was on multi-grain bread, with hummus, dijon and a small dab of mayonnaise (what can I say?? It makes a sandwich taste better!!) Mark and I still do not have a fridge in the new home yet (long story) and the little ‘college’ fridge we are borrowing from a friend has been freezing our veggies. Thus, no lettuce on the sandwich. It was still tasty!

At 3 PM I snacked on a container of Greek yogurt. This stuff usually fills me up quickly and for a good stretch of time. Not today.

Throughout the day I have been snacking on this Larabar. I had some in the morning and the rest of it after my yogurt. Somewhere along the way I finished another handful of peanuts and raisins. Where has the day gone? Why am I still hungry? Tomorrow I will definitely be eating breakfast! :/



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