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The day after…

Wow. Valentine’s Day was a baked goods fest at the office! I had my special muffin for breakfast yesterday, I brought in ginger biscuits for my co-workers and friends, there was birthday cake, there were beautiful Valentine’s day cookies and so on. Today was a much better eating day! But I will admit, I started…… Continue reading The day after…


Winter is Officially Here

So, this morning at 9:15 I had to go out to the grocery store because I was out of milk. It was 12 degrees outside. I really think it feels colder today because it has been so warm this winter. I am definitely not running outside today. Anyhow. So, we’re smack dab in the middle…… Continue reading Winter is Officially Here



I was reminded today that training does not start in earnest for another eight days. I am trying to remember that and feel less guilty about the snacks I had after lunch today! Darn that seven miles – it made me so hungry, as usual. After lunch I had some tortilla chips and (reduced fat)…… Continue reading Dinner


Low Key

Well, I’m having a pretty low key evening – but I am ok with that. I have been doing (much needed) laundry, I made a good dinner, watched some Food Network, and soon I’m going to read my Stephen King book. Dinner was a nice post – run and pre – run meal. Whole wheat…… Continue reading Low Key