I was reminded today that training does not start in earnest for another eight days. I am trying to remember that and feel less guilty about the snacks I had after lunch today! Darn that seven miles – it made me so hungry, as usual.

After lunch I had some tortilla chips and (reduced fat) monterey jack cheese and fresh salsa at five o’clock. Then I had a piece of bark (you know, the holiday candy..?) and as I was making dinner I had a small handful of Wheat Thins. Sigh.

I was really planning on skipping dinner tonight – but my mom requested what I had already sort of planned in my head:


Whole wheat spaghetti, along with a vegetable tomato sauce (I sautéed fresh mushrooms and spinach and added it to the Newman’s Own tomato sauce that I bought earlier today) along with a half a Boca burger in each serving and freshly grated parmigiano reggiano cheese. It was quite a good dinner, it’s going to be a stable during marathon training.

I have packed my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow’s work day which I hope will help me get through the day tomorrow.

That is about all I have to report tonight. I’m going to wrap it all up and head for bed. See you Tuesday!


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