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Friday – TGIF

Hey all –

Even though Thursday was a hard day, overall the week went by pretty quickly! Friday was a productive and good day at work.

I love, love, love eating Larabars for breakfast!!

On Friday morning I enjoyed a Cherry Pie Larabar for breakfast. I have to eat Larabars really slowly. They are so dense and full of flavor, I love eating them when I have a lot of time to enjoy them! I think it took me about an hour to eat the whole thing on Friday.

I love Larabar’s because they keep me full for so many hours! I was able to keep working until about 1 o’clock when I took my lunch break.

For lunch I enjoyed another tuna sandwich with Arnold’s protein bread, along with a couple of baby carrots and a small handful of Sun Chips. Yum! This was the perfect lunch, sometimes I really want just a couple of chips when I have a sandwich. I literally packed about six Sun Chips for lunch, and it was so nice!

Even though I was not starving, I still had an afternoon snack. I knew that we were having a late dinner on Friday night, so I thought having a Greek Yogurt would get me through the rest of the afternoon and early evening until dinner.

I added a small handful of Trader Joe’s high fiber cereal to the Oikos vanilla yogurt. The cereal adds a nice texture to the yogurt.

After work I went straight to the gym where I ran just over three miles and then walked for a while for a total of forty minutes on the treadmill.

I then got ready for dinner. Ben and I were meeting his aunt, uncle and cousin for dinner at the Capital Grille on Newbury Street – always a great time!  I enjoyed a cup of lobster bisque and split a daily special of halibut.

After dinner Lara ordered an amazing Capital Grille dessert… an ice cream sandwich with homemade ice cream (caramel and chocolate) sandwiched between two homemade chocolate cookies. I had a couple of spoonfuls (I cannot resist caramel ice cream – it is my favorite!) and it was divine!

I was really glad that I had gone to the gym before dinner! Not only did I burn some calories before eating a wonderful meal, working out also gave me a good amount of energy which was also important and helped me get through the night! 🙂  Ben and I got home around midnight on Friday… and I had a great night’s sleep!


2 thoughts on “Friday – TGIF

    1. You can get Larabars at Whole Foods, some regular grocery stores and Trader Joes. They are fantastic – they keep me full ALL MORNING!

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