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Hey All –

I’m taking a few days off from work for some rest and relaxation…

This morning I took advantage of not having to get off to work by making a really wonderful smoothie.  🙂  I added 1/2 a cup of ice, a handful of blueberries, 1/2 a banana, 1/2 a cup of yogurt, 1/3 cup of skim milk, 1 scoop of protein powder, and a scoop and a half of Amazing Meal (chocolate flavor).  The ingredients worked really well together and made an amazing smoothie. I could have enjoyed all of it easily – but I poured half of it into another glass for my mom to enjoy!

After a few sips:

About an hour after my breakfast I started to get ready for the gym. I ended up spending nearly two hours at the gym today! I did 2.25 miles on the treadmill, which today took me 25 minutes… (I was slow!) then I spent 25 or 30 minutes doing weights and another 20 minutes on the elliptical machine to cool down.  The Boston Sports Club in Providence is so nice and it is basically brand new – it’s been open for maybe six months. I really like going there and I love that the facilities are so clean and new.

A little while after the gym, I started making lunch for me and my mom. I decided veggie quesadilla sounded perfect – so that is what I made:

I used a whole wheat wrap from TJ’s along with low fat Mexican cheese, grilled red peppers, Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers and a spoonful or two of corn.  This picture was taken before I put the wrap on the stove, so you can see the ingredients better.

Here is the final product:

Served with a side of light sour cream and salsa! It was a wonderful lunch.

Hope you’re all having a good Wednesday – see you again soon.


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