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Wednesday’s not so Dinner

Hey All –

So my veggie lunch really kept us full for a long time yesterday – I was pretty impressed! We were not really hungry for dinner most of the evening…

At around 7 o’clock my mom and I went for a half hour long walk around our neighborhood.  I have really been enjoying exercising twice a day these last couple of days.  This is always a goal of mine, to either take a nice walk at lunch when I am at work and then go to the gym for a combination of strength and cardio training after work.  It does not always happen, but when it does I feel so much better!

After our evening walk, I raced into the kitchen to prepare something light and summery for “dinner” and I was rushing because I wanted to see all of President Obama’s 8 o’clock press conference. I ended up missing the first couple of minutes, but it was worth it because I was in the kitchen creating a Greek yogurt, peach and granola mixture that was really great 🙂

The Greek yogurt (Fage 0%) had PB2 mixed in and a small squeeze of Agave, the second layer was cranberry granola from TJ’s and the top layer is half of a large peach! This was so good and filling. It tasted nice, light and fresh – very summery!  We were both really happy with this meal. I felt like I could have skipped dinner completely, but I knew that would not have been the best idea. This was a great alternative.

At around 9 o’clock I wanted a snack. I decided on a piece of honey wheat bread from Great Harvest, toasted with almond butter and a few semi-sweet chocolate chips on top. This is one of the best desserts ever!

I stayed up pretty late last night watching MSNBC after the President’s press conference and then I read for an hour before bed. I think I got to sleep before midnight, but I am not sure! 🙂

I hope you are all having a great day. See you again soon!


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