SImple Post for Tonight

Bloggies –

I am sitting here right now, drinking a lot of tea and honey. Along with water, orange juice, etc. I have a sore throat. I have been feeling run down lately, and I have been going to bed early, eating right, exercising and taking my vitamins. I hate being sick so much – and I am really hoping this will just pass and tomorrow I will wake up feeling wonderful. I have only one day left of my work week (ironically I took Friday off to REST in an effort to not get sick, too little too late??)

I am going to bed.

I hope I wake up in the morning feeling fantastic! (Fingers crossed)

xo to all!



One thought on “SImple Post for Tonight

  1. Hope the vitamins and OJ did the trick for you and you are feeling fine today. Extra vitamin C sometimes helps me. Your sandwich on the 8th looked yummy!

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