‘Tis The Season

Hi Bloggies!

Happy Weekend! Today I went on a Christmas adventure… which I have to admit, I do not do often. As my friends and family know, I am not one to get into the “Christmas” spirit. I hate how commercialized the holiday is. It is everywhere you turn, and it drives me nuts. But this year I have decided to make the holiday what I want it to be, which is fun and low key and not all about gifts and money – but just about enjoying the spirit of all of the holidays.

Today my mom, Mark and I went out to get a Christmas Tree. It has been five years (I think) since we last had a Christmas tree at home. It was really fun to go out and search for the perfect tree, I must say. I am glad it was cold and sunny – a perfect winter day!

Here is my car with the tree on top:


Mark and Mom with some greens to decorate the house with:


As you can probably tell by how my mom is dressed, it was pretty cold out today! I had to drive very carefully with the tree on top of my car. It was wrapped in one of my camping tarps, and Mark tied it down to my roof wrack with twine. I was still a little nervous that the tree might come flying off of my car as I was driving home! But we made it:


Eventually we got the tree in the house, and started setting it up:


It was definitely a fun day, getting a tree, setting it up and eventually decorating it with lights and ornaments. (I promise to post pictures of the final product tomorrow!) After getting the tree set up, we broke for an amazing brunch.

My mom had started making apples and potatoes… I made omeletts, and prepared some special english muffins with cranberries (I put earth balance on my muffin and toasted it under the broiler… Mark and mom had butter on theirs!)

Here was my plate:


We drank coffee and ate off of our Christmas plates and mugs today! It is still cold and clear here in Providence. Tomorrow hopefully I will be outside for a run, if the weather holds.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. See you tomorrow! 😀


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