Monday – back to work.

Hey All –

Well, it was back to work for me today! As a birthday gift to myself, I had told my boss that I would be coming in on the later side. It was such a treat to get up at 7:50 instead of 5:45 this morning! I got to work at 9:45 and the day flew by. There was a lot of work to get done and it was a productive day with so many folks back from a holiday break!

I enjoyed getting ready at a leisurely pace this morning, and even had a cup of coffee before leaving the house (unheard of in my week day life). My morning was such a treat! I saved breakfast for when I got to my desk, a half of a peanut butter Luna bar.

It was lunch time before I knew it (about 12:30 today) and it was an awesome container of the baked mac and cheese (Martha Stewart recipe) that I made for the get together yesterday. Somehow this was enough for lunch. I love this mac and cheese. I love the cherry tomatoes that go into the dish along with the nutmeg and thyme, the spices really make the dish special:


At 2:45 I dug back into my lunch bag and enjoyed four wonderful strawberries that I thought to pack this morning. They really hit the spot, a great afternoon snack.


I left my office a few minutes after five and I was so happy to have a bunch of veggies to munch on for the drive home:


(I took the photo before I left the office, for the record)

Once I made it home I threw in a load of laundry, and started dinner. One of my mom’s specialties is pulled pork. I did not have a chance to have a pulled pork sandwich yesterday, but I was definitely looking forward to having one for dinner tonight. My mom took a page out of my play book and made an amazing coleslaw using a Mark Bittman recipe which is a new favorite if mine. 🙂 Here is what my dinner plate looked like:


Salad with more veggies, pulled pork and slaw on a whole wheat bun. Yum. It was all fantastic. I am definitely going to have a piece of left over birthday cake later! 😀

I hope you all had a great day. I am going to try and get back on schedule tomorrow with a visit to the gym after a sort of late day at work. Stay tuned – be back tomorrow!


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