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Back on the Wagon – Structured Eating Plan, Day 1 (TAKE II)

I have no idea what happened to the other 3/4 of tonight’s post. I know that Tina has been having problems with Ecto, but this is my first run in with a glitch. I really hope this is not a sign of things to come. Ok, back to the post.


Monday started off really well, for a lot of reasons. First, I was in bed before 10 o’clock last night! I read until 10:50 last night, and got a lot of sleep. I felt well rested when I woke up this morning. Last night I spent the time to make and pack my breakfast, lunch and snacks so I had everything ready to go this morning. I even pre-set the coffee, so I did not have to make it this morning.

Breakfast was at 8:45 this morning (I took the train to work, and got in at 8:30). It was a piece of double protein toast, with 1 tablespoon of Barney Butter and a teaspoon of raspberry jam.


This breakfast got me all the way through until 12:10 when I dug into my lunch. My afternoon meal was a pretty amazing salad. Veggies were all fresh from Dave’s Market – one of my favorite places to shop.


The salad included:
* grape tomatoes (cut in four pieces)
*diced red pepper
*diced green pepper
*1 button mushroom
* diced cucumber
*two cups baby spinach
* 1/4 cup light tuna
* 1 1/2 T Newman’s own lighten up dressing

All mixed together:


The salad was fantastic and after I finished it, I went for a 15 minute walk with two colleagues. We passed a Dunkin’ Donuts on our walk, and I stopped in to get a small coffee with milk and no sugar. It has really helped me get through my afternoon!

At 3 o’clock I needed my afternoon snack. Originally the plan was to have a light babybel and two (large) whole wheat crackers. But because I had breakfast so late this morning, I did not need to eat my morning snack of 1/3 cup Chobani and 1/4 cup diced strawberries. One thing I learned today, packing greek yogurt and diced strawberries the night before can be asking for a small cullinary disaster… my yogurt and berries got sort of leaky and was very unattractive (but they tasted good!) so no picture was taken…

By 4:30 I needed my original afternoon snack (110 calories, and really satisfying!)


This snack kept me going until I got home, at 7pm and I went straight to starting to think about dinner. I prepared omelettes (my mix was satueed mushrooms, 1 full egg and 1 egg white, and a small handful of mozorella cheese) along with 2 tablespoons of salsa, and a piece of Double Protein whole wheat toast.

I have to tell you – packing healthy salads, snacks, etc is time consuming. I just spent the last 40 minutes in the kitchen. I am exhausted, and ready for bed. Now that I have finished re-typing at least half of the blog post, I am ready for bed!

Hope you all had a great Tuesday – and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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