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Running in the Heat

Let’s get one thing clear. I hate running in hot weather. Yesterday, as I stated earlier was fricking hot. But still, I ran three miles at the end of my work day. I drank my entire water bottle during the run, too.

I took one 200 mg Motrin before the run, about half an hour before. I stretched my knee and legs before I started the run. I ran an easy 1/2 mile and then stretched again. My short run includes one or two areas that are down hill. I took it easy on those short stretches and walked instead. According to the articles I have read recently, runner’s knee can be triggered by running downhill or running down stairs.  After the 3.1 mile run, I stretched again, re-hydrated, snacked on a couple of almonds and raisins and then drove home. Once I got home I made a protein smoothie with 1 cup milk, 1 1/2 cup water, 1 scoop of chocolate Amazing Meal and 1/2 scoop of Jay Robb protein powder.

I have to say that the combination of stretches, taking it easy on the down hill section, motrin and ice might have done the trick. I do not want to get my hopes up – especially since I only ran just over three miles (for a total of about 5.3 for the day) but I had substantially less knee pain yesterday.  I hope I can keep up this good luck! 🙂

I think the heat really took away my appetite again because I went to bed around 9:40 last night without actually having dinner. The protein always helps fill me up. I also snacked on a few sesame sticks, but nothing substantial.

Here is more on my lunch creation of the week – an orzo vegetable mix:

On Tuesday night I cooked up a bunch of orzo. I chopped up a bunch of veggies (broccoli {which I steamed}, a small yellow onion, orange pepper, red pepper and two cloves of garlic).  I sprinkled Cabot part skim mozzarella cheese on top and added diced chicken and tomatoes as well.  This all turned out really well. I had some for dinner on Tuesday, and packed some for lunch Wednesday and Thursday. I added some fresh black pepper and a real small smidgen of kosher salt.

Well, that about covers the rest of yesterday. For breakfast today I treated myself to an onion bagel from AuBonPain. I will be having my orzo veggie mix soon, too.

See y’all in a bit!


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