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I Survived Tuesday – Did You?

Hey All –

Well, thanks (perhaps) to some FB good wishes from a West Coast friend, today was a better day! I took the train in to work today with Tim. We caught up on culinary issues, and family stuff. The trip went by pretty quickly. A lot better than sitting in traffic, that is for sure.

Breakfast was awesome today – Rudi’s organic english muffin with flax. I topped the muffin with Teddi and jam. My handy iPhone snapped a quick picture, it’s not that pretty:


I was able to make it until after 12 o’clock for lunch. That is always a sign that my breakfast rocked! I had originally planned to enjoy whole wheat pasta, ground turkey and sauce leftovers for lunch. Instead, I decided to get some greens and veg into my diet for the day. Hence, a salad from ABP:


spinach and romaine, carrots, broccoli, crutons, half a hard boiled egg, chickpeas, cucs etc. Topped with a sprinkle of balsamic and EVOO. Sometimes when I hit the salad bar at ABP, I literally load up on the heaviest items (proteins, and some of the vegetables can be quite heavy). Sometimes my salads can cost up to eight dollars or so… and I almost always would get a bread stick or a piece of bread, so before I know it I have spent ten dollars on lunch which to me seems insane. I was sort of proud of myself for only spending $5 on lunch today – and I came out with a pretty healthy and satisfying salad.

I also enjoyed a yogurt that I had not tried before: Siggi’s! Siggi’s is a type of Skyr, which is Icelandic yogurt. The nutritional information is pretty amazing – I had the Acai flavor (which was a bit of a shock, because I thought I had picked up the blueberry @ WF yesterday!). The container of yogurt had only 10 grams of sugar – it was slightly sweetened with agave (yum!!) and it had 16 grams of protein! I love the amount of protein especially. The yogurt itself was a bit tangy / tart for my virgin palette…. but I know I am going to like Siggi’s even more the more I eat it. I added granola and organic blueberries to my yogurt, which made it down right good.


I love yogurts that help me stay full for a good part of the day. I went for a 20 minute walk at lunch and then walked my 1.2 miles from the office to South Station. It was a beautiful spring day outside. It was brisk and sunny. I loved every moment of my time outdoors – I just wish I had more of it today. I did not get home until 6:45 tonight. Taking the train takes more time out of my day, but it usually lowers my stress level – so it is a trade off. It always helps when I have my dinner planned out for the nights I take the train. The worst thing for me is getting home at 6:45 or 7 o’clock, feeling hungry and not knowing what I am having for dinner.

I definitely snacked on a few whole grain goldfish crackers as I sat down and caught the last few minutes of the news… and then I got my dinner together. I loved the fact that I switched up my lunch today. The salad and Siggi’s was nice and light – and I got to have my left over whole wheat pasta, ground turkey, sauce topped with Cabot mozzarella cheese for dinner.


I tried to embrace the fact that today is my day off from running. A lot of the times I feel lazy if I do not exercise after work. I am so glad that I was able to get out for two walks today, it helped lower my self -inflicted guilt. I had a decent evening, did not accomplish much of anything besides packing my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. I watched a chick flick from Netflix. I was able to relax and unwind. It felt great.

Tomorrow is hump day – yay! I hope you all had a good day, too 🙂 See you tomorrow.


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