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My Day So Far…

Hi Bloggies –
Just a quick post because I’m leaving in twenty minutes to meet up with my new trainer (fingers still crossed that this session goes well!!)

My gamble paid off big time this morning! I managed to get out of bed at 5:15 this morning and left the house by 5:40… I am really not sure if this is something I will be able to do every day, but I hope to do this at least a couple of times a week. I took the back way to work… and I got to the office at 6:30 this morning! How crazy is that? It felt so strange walking into the building and being literally one of the first cars in the parking lot. It was beautiful this morning, and I almost enjoyed driving the back way to work. I even enjoyed the sun rising – thank goodness I had my sunglasses because the rays were bright!

I had my breakfast at 7 o’clock this morning, along with the rest of my travel mug of coffee. It was another Rudi english muffin, toasted with about a tablespoon of Teddi. At ten o’clock I enjoyed a gala apple from WF:


Somehow I made it until lunch time. It was super breezy windy out by the water, and I was blown along my walk. I think I probably did about 1.7 miles or so. I usually like to do two miles, at least during lunch – but it was cold, and I think I worked just as hard getting a walk in against the wind 🙂

I had lunch at my desk at 12:50 (I love that I waited so late to eat). I had packed an amazing chicken breast sandwich on Arnold whole wheat bread, garnished with dijon mustard. I loved this sandwich! Because i did not have any lettuce or spinach to put with the sandwich, I brought a baggie of broccoli. Yum!


I did not spend much of the day feeling tired. I think it helped that I had three different meetings (and my walk outside) through out the day. At my two o’clock staff meeting, I enjoyed two mini brownies. One blondie and one chocolate. They were both awesome!


Well, that wraps up the food so far. I will be back tonight to talk about what (??) I have for dinner and how the training session goes. Why am I so nervous!?

See you in a bit – hope you are all having a great day!


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