Budget Update:

Just a quick update on Day #1 on the new budget.

I spent a total of 35¢

On what, you might ask?

A re-fill of coffee from our staff coffee pot.  I usually spend $1 to get a decent cup of coffee in our caf (whole milk, a splash of vanilla syrup or caramel flavor to boot!) but this was adding up to 5 – 7 dollars a week. So, I’m either for-going the second cup of coffee, or going to the staff lounge and using my spare change to get a classic cup of joe.  Sometimes if I use spare change, I don’t really feel like I am paying for it!


Alright – I will keep you posted on my budget progress. Tomorrow night I have to go out to dinner before the Boston Pops performance… and Friday night I am going out for drinks and dinner with two of my best friends. How to do this on a budget… stay tuned!


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