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Hungry Hippo

Do you remember the game Hungry Hippos? When I was a kid I thought it was so much fun. I ate a ton of (healthy) food today, and I felt sort of like a hungry hippo 😦 After my Luna bar, I had to have a mid-morning snack at 10:15. Chobani vanilla yogurt, and I…… Continue reading Hungry Hippo


A Few Short Notes

Hi All – It’s Thursday! I feel like celebrating. (is it my typing or my lack of energy – but the second sentence seems so half-hearted!) 😦 I have a secret to share with you. I have not been for a run since my car accident, which is almost three weeks ago now. It has…… Continue reading A Few Short Notes


Budget Update:

Just a quick update on Day #1 on the new budget. I spent a total of 35¢ On what, you might ask? A re-fill of coffee from our staff coffee pot.  I usually spend $1 to get a decent cup of coffee in our caf (whole milk, a splash of vanilla syrup or caramel flavor…… Continue reading Budget Update:


It is great to have a favorite meal…

What is your favorite meal? It is great to have a favorite meal, I think. For me, my favorite meal changes from time to time – often depending on the season. One aspect of having a go to meal is you know the ingredients off the top of your head – or you know 95%…… Continue reading It is great to have a favorite meal…

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Hi Everyone: I hope you all had a great long weekend. I had a busy long weekend. I did not get to the grocery store yesterday, so my food today was a bit on a whim. Thankfully I had some Kashi instant oatmeal to throw in my purse as I was leaving the house to…… Continue reading Tuesday