A Few Short Notes

Hi All –

It’s Thursday! I feel like celebrating. (is it my typing or my lack of energy – but the second sentence seems so half-hearted!) 😦

I have a secret to share with you. I have not been for a run since my car accident, which is almost three weeks ago now. It has sort of been one thing after another lately. Car accident, then I was sick, then really busy at work and going through the hassle of getting my car fixed, dropping off the rental, picking up my newly beautified car, etc.  And then on Monday night I fell down an entire flight of stairs at my house. Ouch. Note to self (and all of you) do not wear socks on slick hardwood stairs when you are A. very tired or B. not paying attention. Who knew walking was so difficult? So now I have bruises and I am quite sore. Tuesday night I walked quite a while to the Pops from my parking place at the Pru, in the rain and in sling back heels. Not smart. Blisters on my feet have yet to heal.

The good news is that I have been on good walks almost every day this week (not including the horrible walk in the sling backs!) and I have been meeting with my awesome personal trainer… we have another session tonight. Yay!

A note about eating: over the last two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) I have consumed 4 1/2 pieces of pizza (there were two work related occasions where pizza was ordered). Two veggie pieces, one cheese and one chicken and garlic.  All of the pizza was really good.

Yesterday I tweeted that I wanted soup for dinner, and asked if anyone had recipe suggestions. However, I did not get home from work until 7:15 last night, so I was not about to make soup. I thought I would whip up a quick omelette or possibly go to bed hungry.

However, to my surprise, my mom had started making tomato soup and grilled [Swiss] cheese sandwiches. Holy Yum. I know that my mom does not go on Twitter, but for a brief moment I thought she had read my tweet. So funny.

Today’s breakfast = a bar. Luna chocolate peppermint stick:

Eaten at my desk as I was slowly getting through my morning emails.

Yesterday at 4 o’clock I snacked on another half of a turkey sandwich with spinach and dijon. I was working late, and it was the perfect go to snack to tide me over – especially since I did not know what  I was having for dinner. Snack:

Budget update:

So far so good this week.

I am up to 38.50 in groceries (had to have ice cream, stopped on my way home last night!)

I have 30 a week for spending, and I have spent $11.35 so far.  Instead of going out for dinner before the Pops concert on Tuesday, I went to a friend’s house and we ordered pizza. Much more budget friendly! Glad to have the remaining funds for my Newbury Street dinner tomorrow night!

Have a great day everyone.  😀


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