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Hi All-

I haven’t forgotten about you! But tonight is a big night – Boston Pops! Just a quick post before I start my fun evening.

Breakfast was another piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter – today I added raspberry jam. So good. So classic. Totally satisfying.  At 10:30 I had a little less than half a Luna bar.

At 12 o’clock I went for a quick walk – not as long as yesterday, but it was still nice to get outside.

Lunch at my desk again. Today, a spinach salad with orange, yellow and red pepper, tomato and cucumber. Left over from last night’s dinner. I forgot my homemade salad dressing (more on this mixture tomorrow – you must try!) but my friend Anne came to the rescue, like the true hero she is. Anne keeps olive oil and balsamic at her desk. I snagged maybe a teaspoon of both, and it made my salad to die for:

I had a half of a turkey sandwich to go with the salad… protein is a must at lunch, or else I will be hungry in a half an hour!

Even with the half a sandwich, I was hungry soon after – maybe like an hour and a half after. Remember the grocery / budget list from a couple of days ago? Well, on that post I mentioned that I purchased a box of reduced fat chez its that day. Big mistake. (Big)  I cannot stop snacking on them.  I ♥ Chez Its.  A note on “reduced fat” variety. They have 3% more sodium in them. So it’s sort of a trade off. Less fat, more heart disease? I do not know. But just thought I would mention that little noticed fact.

I had a small helping of Chez Its at 2:30. I had a banana at 3.  I am having pizza and snacks with friends before the show. I cannot wait for that (the food that is) because I am starving.

On that note, I am off.

Will write a full report of tonight tomorrow. Stay well, blog world. See you soon.


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