Breakfast · Lunch

More heat… but not in the kitchen!

Hey All –

I have had the following question in my head all day:

Could it possibly be any hotter!?

But I haven’t actually said this to anyone or written it anywhere (besides here) because the answer is: Of course it could be!!!

Ugh. This heat is disgusting. Thankfully I’ve come up with some pretty awesome summer time meals 🙂

Breakfast was yogurt, blueberries, PB2 and cinnamon again – and water of course.

This is what breakfast looked like before it was all mixed together:


Ready to eat:


This was soooo good and perfect for such a hot morning. When I left the house at 6:30 this morning, it was 80 sticky degrees already. Ew.

I finished every last bite:


I have to tell you though, the Greek yogurt sort of let me down today. For, basically, the first time ever. I was starting at 10:15 this morning. Booo. I think it was because I was actually really excited for my lunch.

Lunch = leftovers:


This did not let me down. It was sooo good!! I went for a 15 minute walk out in the sweltering heat at around 12:30. Not a good idea. I came back feeling sick. But I also came back with an iced coffee with milk from Dunkin’ Donuts 🙂 Eventually I started feeling better when my core body temp came down to a more normal level. I am not a fan of heat. That should go without saying.

Tonight I went to my friend’s swimming pool and swam some slow laps for half an hour – awesome!! Good exercise and it sort of cooled me down. The water temp was 87 degrees. It felt like bath water! After swimming I drove home, and started chopping vegetables. I had a salad for dinner – and forgot to take a photo – grrr!! I also chopped more garlic, red onion, and added some mushroom and avocado to my bean mixture for tomorrow’s lunch. I’m super excited for it already.

Alright, enough from me. I’m heading to bed with my book! See you tomorrow 🙂


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