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Taco Night…

So, when it is super hot out what else should you eat but hot “tex-mex” food???? Hee-hee-hee. I was flipping through my America’s Test Kitchen cookbook, and I came across a beef taco recipe. Not only do you season all of the beef, etc. (no more taco seasoning packets – ever!!!!) but you make your own taco shells. That’s right. Read on…

I bought 6 inch corn tortillas today (according to the recipe) and I heated up my french skillet with canola oil and started shaping my taco shells – with Mark’s help, of course. It was pretty labor intensive and it was hot, too:


After a few tries:


I started getting the hang of it (maybe)



After our shells were done, I started with the filling. I had already measured out all of the seasonings (chili pepper, cumin, coriander, cayenne pepper and a small pinch of salt) diced the onion and three garlic cloves. Another part of the recipe called for adding low sodium chicken broth and no salt added tomato sauce. I really liked the fact that ATK was calling for low sodium and no salt added ingredients! I found this to be one of the benefits of making your own taco meat, a lot less sodium in the final product.

Mark was a huge help in the kitchen, especially when I started over heated and needed a break from the stove. He was my hero!


Part of our taco filling:


Our shells in the oven:


The toppings:


Mark’s tacos:


Right now I am enjoying Top Chef which has been TiVoed for a couple of weeks. Happy Sunday evening, everyone!


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