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My Running…

… is officially postponed. 😦

I am not going to dive into the details right now, because I still do not know too much. But after one more appointment with my favorite orthopedist a lot of my running goals are officially on hold until we figure out exactly what is going on with my knee. After 3 1/2 weeks I still have fluid in my knee. Tomorrow I am going for an MRI and then we will find out if my meniscus is in tact or not (fingers crossed that I do not have tear). The dreaded words were briefly discussed – surgery – but if I’m lucky, I won’t have to deal with that option. I’ll know more in two weeks after my next appointment. Keep your fingers crossed for a full recovery without having to go under the knife!!

So. Since I can’t run, I am going to work on tweaking my eating a little bit. More low cal meals, a lot of salads, etc. But I also am a totally lucky girl because I have a friend’s pool just down the road and I have already asked if I can go swim laps after work to get some exercise in. In a week or two (if all goes well) hopefully I can start going for walks again, too.

Breakfast was not low cal – what can I say? I was feeling a bit down, so I stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts. 🙂 I ordered an iced coffee with just milk (no sugar, no cream of course!) and… a bagel egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. I was hungry and it hit the spot. I looked up the nutritional information at some point today, and I was a little surprised that the sandwich wasn’t quite as bad as I had imagined. Only 470 calories. (Ok, it’s a lot – but it’s not the 700 calories I thought it might be!) I’m pleased to also note that the sandwich had 20 grams of protein something that I am always struggling to get enough of in my diet.

Lunch was definitely on the light side. I packed a salad. I was prepping it the morning of, so I didn’t have time to prep a protein. Grr.

My salad:


I did not have time to pack a little container of salad dressing (evoo and balsamic usually for me) so I spent the 50 cents to get a dressing from our caf at work. I picked out Newman’s Own light ranch. If this is light, I do not want to know what the full calorie dressing is! I used it sparingly because the entire packet had 10 grams of fat and about 200 calories. Wow!

After adding the dressing my salad looked a bit messy… but it was really good!


About an hour after having the salad, I had my second course:


One slice of Arnold’s double protein bread with a tablespoon of Teddie peanut butter.

On my way home from work I snacked on a Kashi granola bar. I had a busy night of errands and helping family with some weekend events. Dinner was on the go, but a slice of pizza and a little leftover taco. Fun. Tomorrow I am heading in to work super early because I have to leave early to get to the MRI place. Fun times 😦

Hope your week is off to a good start!!


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