Prepping a lunch…

Ok, so no one ever said that eating well is always easy. It is not. It involves planning ahead. I am one of those types that is really good for a long time and then I’ll get super busy, side tracked with work, commuting, etc. The first thing that usually falls by the way side when I get busy is my lunch.

This week, I am back on track. 🙂 I have been eating breakfast and lunch via healthy options that I have packed ahead of time. Yogurt, granola for breakfast. Salads, whole wheat bread for for lunch. Sure, I had take out for Monday night – but it was rather healthy.

So, Tuesday night I was tired after a long day at work, a long day at home, and so on. BUT I made the effort to prep and pack my lunch for Wednesday. I was sort of proud. 🙂

Lunch prep at 9:30 PM on Tuesday night:


Snow peas, cucumber, carrots, red onion, spinach, mixed greens, tomato… there was an egg boiling on the stove. I sliced and diced. Ending up with this awesome salad:


This salad was awesome. I added chick peas and the egg on Wednesday at lunch. The bread was once slice of whole wheat bread with Teddie peanut butter (one tablespoon) and raspberry jam. This was lunch on Wednesday.

For the record, the knee is getting better! I have been for a walk on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I have a doctor’s appointment not this Monday but the following Monday. I am really hoping to get the green light to start running again. Nothing too serious, but a mile or two three times a week would make me so happy. I miss running so much.

OK, one more day of work until I am on vacation for an entire week! I cannot wait.

See you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Prepping a lunch…

  1. I always feel so accomplished when I remember to prep all my meals too 🙂

    Have fun on your vacation!

    1. I agree, prepping and packing meals is a huge accomplishment! Regarding vacation, thank you – I cannot wait to be away from work for one full week – I’ll continue blogging though 🙂

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