Back from camping…

I have survived returned from camping!! Mark and I just spent the last four days in the White Mountains. I had a lot of fun!

Let us get one thing straight. I really like camping a lot. It’s border line love. But let me tell you – camping is a lot of work. You have quite a bit of stuff equipment, you quite often have a rather long drive. Once you arrive to your campsite, you have to set up the site. For some (like me) this does not take too long. I do not camp with a ton of gear. I have a small tent, and two chairs. But a lot of folks travel with a lot of stuff – especially when you’re camping with several people. There were six people in our group, and we had three campsites. It was a lot of fun – sort of like a four day outdoor party. Between all of us, there was a lot of stuff. One camper, one large tent that had never been set up before, and then our little campsite which was a bit less complex. (Let it be said no one ever came to hang out at our campsite, so it was definitely not the cool place to be! I spent some of yesterday afternoon over in our area, Mark helped me start a fire and I read my book for about an hour.)

More work: if you’re not making “easy” camping meals cooking can be a bit of a procedure. But well worth it. All of the food we had over the last few days was really good. I think all of the outdoor activity, etc. made us especially hungry. So, the days you spend camping are sort of hard core.

Then the last day, you have to clean up your entire campsite, break down camp and drive home. It’s sort of my rule to never have to go back to work the day after coming home from a camping trip. I like to have at least two days at home after a trip.

That being said, we’re home! We are having a lazy day. Mark is eating 🙂 I’m focusing on re-hydrating and eating some snacks:


This ‘meal’ is a peach, a piece of whole wheat bread, a tablespoon of Teddie and a teaspoon of strawberry jam. Oh – and I snagged an Oreo cookie that Mark brought home from the grocery store 😀 .

I promise to come back soon with camping photos, and a report on dinner. I have a big day of cooking planned tomorrow – so stay tuned!!


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