Post – Camping Dinner: Keeping it Simple

The key to a post camping dinner?? Keep it simple. That is what we did tonight. It was Mark’s brilliant idea to roast up some veggies and I added the curry cous-cous. It was a perfect combination. I will definitely be making this again at some point soon.

Step One:


Chopping up zucchini.

Step Two:


Chopping up onion and pepper.

Step Three:


I placed all of the vegetables chopped up into my Le Creuset stoneware. I added about a tablespoon (maybe a tad more?) along with a smidgen of salt, a good amount of pepper and a few sprinkles of garlic powder. I stirred everything around. Covered the dish in aluminum foil and put it into the oven at 400. After 15 minutes, I checked how things were going and turned the oven up to 450 degrees, and the veggies rocked out for another twenty minutes.

My plate of veg and cous-cous goodness:




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