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Burritos and Cake (and a little running, too)

Happy Thursday evening, everyone! The week still seems a bit long to me, but at least there is only one more day of the work week left!! I think the week days have been going rather slowly for me because I am really looking forward to this holiday weekend – I have a lot of fun stuff going on.

Today I had a pretty average day food wise…

There was the oatmeal and PB2 for breakfast:


I enjoyed a 25 minute walk at lunch time with Katherine. We were both so excited to get outside after three days of horrible rain. We had a great walk around the Bay. When we returned, I quickly heated up an Amy’s burrito and ran back to my desk. I kept working on our new website while I ate lunch…


I am not going to lie. While I was eating my Amy’s burrito, I was really wishing it was this:


There is nothing like an Anna’s burrito to satisfy one’s appetite. I have not had one in a really long time… I’ll have to get myself over to Coolidge Corner soon, I can tell. But do not get me wrong, I think Amy’s burritos are awesome – especially when you have not taken the time to pack a proper lunch the night before and you are trying to get out of the house by 6:30 in the morning 🙂

So, oatmeal, Amy’s, a couple of goldfish crackers, a nice walk… and then, birthday cake. Seriously.


Is this cake not beautiful??? It tasted really good, too. I had a ‘small’ piece and ate the entire thing – frosting and all. It was a chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting. Are you kidding me!? Holy cake goodness!!! (Thank you Jane for being born!)

When I got to work this morning, I brought my gym bag into the building instead of leaving it in my car like I have been doing recently. Every time I turned around in my chair, I stared at my little “bag corner”. It reminded me that I had to go to the gym today especially since I had skipped Tuesday and Wednesday this week. (I was in this frame of mind before the cake this afternoon!)
My bag corner:

[my red lunch bag, tan gym bag, and blue Timbuk2 messenger / work bag] Why do I have so many bags? I’m going to try and downsize tomorrow. I made it to the gym, and I was sort of proud 😀 I was on the treadmill (knee brace and all!) for 30 minutes. I accomplished 2.75 miles. I walked, jogged and ran for the duration. It was an interval workout and it felt pretty good. I did not have any knee pain, but after 2.75 miles I decided not to push it any longer and got off the treadmill while I was ahead and not injured.

I have decided that I must make a running comeback. I basically did not run for six months with my knee injury. Running is really hard for me right now. Mark and I went for a run on Sunday and it sucked. (I have to be honest, right?) So my goal now is to do a run (under 3 miles for now) three times a week. We shall see if I can manage this – I’m going to give it a try.

After the run I went over to Whole Foods for a vegetable salad, and I ended up having a small serving of tofu and brown rice, too. It was all really wonderful. Alright. I’m done for the evening – have a great night everyone!


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