This is…

… the slowest week ever. That is what it seems like to me, anyway. I have been away from the blog for waaaaayy to long, I realize this. Work has been so busy and my home life is a bit crazed at the moment, too. (More on that next week!)

Monday, I went for a walk after work (1.2 miles to South Station to catch my train home!) Then I hi-tailed it to the gym, where I did the elliptical for 35 minutes. I was really excited to get one full hour of exercise (I count walking to and from the bus, train, etc. for about ten minutes worth of exercise)!

Tuesday night I had dinner with two of my closest friends, Courtney and Roy.  They have perfected an amazing recipe for Fish Stew. Let me tell you, you will be reading more and seeing photos of this meal soon – I intend to make it as soon as possible. It was amazing!

An exciting discovery was made this week. After not drinking earl gray tea for about fifteen years, I have discovered that I like it again! I had some on Wednesday while I was editing and typing away at my work’s new website. (Another reason I have been away from the blog lately – there is only so much computer time a gal can take!)


It was perfect for a seriously rainy day.  Thankfully the rain has stopped and the next few days are supposed to be amazing. Fingers crossed!

OK, I’ll be back soon. I am so glad it is Thursday – just a day and a half until the weekend!


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