Oh Bloggies.

I am not holding back on you. There really has not been anything great to report. I have had a bit of a set back, because I woke up very sick on Thursday, went to the doctor / surgeons and was put on bed rest and back on a liquid diet.

I was so displeased to be back on a sick person’s diet. But obviously I was sick. 😦 I am recovering [again] and today I had some basic food. Breakfast was 1 scrambled egg and 1 piece of toast with jam (no butter because I can’t have any dairy – eggs do not count, I guess??). “Lunch” was 1/4 cup orange jello and 2 saltine crackers. Dinner was my mom’s wonderful chicken noodle soup – but this time, no vegetables. Usually she will add carrots, onion, garlic and celery. But I guess my body can’t handle that much right now.

I missed Christmas eve family dinner and Christmas day family dinner. My sister and mom stayed with me on Christmas eve. They enjoyed Chinese food. I was jealous (but did not let them know it because I appreciated their company!). My best friend showed up after our Christmas eve “yankee swap” with fun stories of the get together. On Christmas I made my mom and sister go to dinner, and my best friend came over again once she finished dinner to spend time with me. Thanks Meg!!

Today we are stuck in the middle of a blizzard. I wish I could make hot chocolate and cookies right now. Instead I’m reading a book and watching the weather. I am slowly but surely making a list of things I will eat once I am well. Some of it is really basic (pizza) and some of it is a little more elegant (boeuf bourguignon).

Wow, the wind is howling right now! I am going to sign off and make a cup of tea. I miss the world of cooking, baking and eating. I hope to be back to it soon!!


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