Positive Thinking

Ok. I am pretty sure you all know that I am sick of being sick. I really want peanut butter blossoms, pasta with my homemade bolognese sauce or even just my homemade tomato sauce. I would love a huge salad with tons of vegetables and my homemade vinaigrette dressing. I could probably stomach some Italian or French bread right now. But it would be better with all of the fore mentioned food.

HOWEVER. Even though I am in bed and in a fair amount of pain at the moment – I am so glad I am not sitting at an airport right now. Dare I say things could be worse??? I was able to survive the Day after Christmas Blizzard of 2010 from the “comfort” of my own home, in bed, under lots of covers and a heating pad on my tummy! Sure, hot chocolate and a cookie would have been perfect. But I had jello to get me through!

I was not sprawled out on the floor of JFK or Logan Airport. I have spent my time in airports during snow storms over the holidays. I wish that on no one. It is the worst feeling ever. Trying so hard to get to your loved ones, who often call on your cell phones so that you can feel and hear their worry for you over the crickity crackity lines of AT&T. Fighting with other desperate people to plug in your computer, your smart phone, or your simple flip phone (lucky you – since in most cases it takes less battery power to operate a cell phone which is actually a phone and not a mini computer you tote around in your back pocket)

I really hope some how all of the folks that are stranded out there are making it through with a clam disposition.

Has any one read A Secret Kept ? The book is by Tatiana de Rosnay the author of Sarah’s Key, which is one of my favorite books of this year. My mom and sister both just finished the book and said it was not nearly as good as Sarah’s Key. Well, that was not surprising since Sarah’s Key was amazing (and I recommend it to everyone!!!). Right now I am almost finished with Anita Shreve’s The Last Time They Met. I do not read fiction (especially with a romantic twist!) often. But when I do, I really enjoy them. This book has some really amazing descriptions of Kenya, which I have enjoyed. The other half of the story (the history of the relationship) takes place in New England (Boston, Hull and Cambridge, especially) which I appreciate, too. If you are looking for a book that will keep you reading, you could check this book out.

I guess that is all I have for now. I did get a couple of gift certificates for my nook this holiday season. If you have a book recommendation, let me know.

If you were in the blizzard’s path, I highly recommend letting the professionals take care of the snow, stay in, read a great book, and sip on some high quality hot chocolate for me! (Have you tried Ghirardelli hot chocolate made on the stove top with milk???? Or Trader Joe’s sipping hot chocolate? Both are so amazing. I can’t wait to have a mug one day!)

Cheers everyone! For those of you who are traveling – safe travels to your next destination.


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