I am having a slight blog problem these days. In all that has gone on over the last few months, I have lost my card reader for my camera. Tomorrow I am going somewhere to buy a new one, and probably a scanner.

No photographs makes for a lack luster blog entry. But use your imagination – ok? 🙂

For breakfast I had a lovely bowl of Cheerios with soy milk. I had another cup of half coffee and half soy milk. [People used to always ask me how I could drink luke warm coffee with this combo. The simple remedy is pour the coffee in your mug, top it off with soy milk and put the mug in the microwave. If you don’t have a microwave, heat the soy milk on your stovetop. It’s a great morning drink!]

Today was great because I had a visitor. You might remember my friend Jane – she’s been on the blog before – well, she came down to visit me today. She took me to get a manicure for my birthday and then convinced (not that I needed to be talked into this) to go and buy a pair of jeans that would actually fit me. Today, for the first time I can remember, I bought a pair of size four jeans. And they were a little big. Somewhat shocking, but I’m just focusing on the fact that I now have ONE PAIR of pants that fit me. Now I am just wondering if I can wear them to work 🙂

For lunch I had a nim chow. Do you all know what nime chow is??? If you do not, you are missing out on what I think might be my favorite food. Another way to think of nime chow is as a raw spring roll. The inside of the roll consists of shrimp [although you can have a vegetable only, or chicken order], basil, lettuce, bean sprouts, bean threads (also know as cellophane noodles) and sometimes thinly sliced carrots. All of the ingredients are wrapped in rice sheets. You do not cook the final product. You just eat it. The garnish is usually a lime and sometimes peanut oil, and dry roasted (unsalted) peanuts. You can dip your nime chow in the oil / lime mixture and then dip into the chopped up peanuts – that way they will stick to the nime chow.

While I was out on my brief recess from the house, I went over to Apsara Palace – one of my favorite Thai restaurants. I ordered tofu and vegetable pad thai, ginger chicken with vegetables, a small jasmine rice and of course the nime chow. I will be set for dinner for the next day or so. My mom was so happy when I returned home with food that she did not have to cook (I really have to get back into the kitchen ASAP). She has been working very hard to come up with food I have been able to eat while I have been sick.

The other day one of my friends asked me what I crave at the moment. I think he was asking me a culinary question – but I had so many answers. I am craving exercise – a run mostly. (Not possible AT ALL right now) I am craving a croissant. (Too rich and too much fat for my body to process at the moment). But oddly enough, I am craving a huge salad. Something I have been told that my body is not ready to process yet. I cannot wait for a huge salad for dinner 🙂 I’ll be sure to report on it.

This winter I promised myself that I was going to make Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon. I hope to be able to make it for someone, and of course the lovely blog readers sometime in March. I recently read some of the caloric calculations for a serving of the Boeuf (as I like to refer to it). Do you want to know? If you don’t – skip a head a bit.

One serving is approximately 900 calories. 50 grams of fat, 20 grams of saturated fat, half of your daily sodium allowance, and a whopping 55 grams of PROTEIN! Impressive. For more on the caloric cals click here and enjoy!

Who wants to eat the Boeuf Bourguignon with me now? Please? We can have smaller portions. 🙂

I’m having an amazing clementine for dessert – what are you having??


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