Tuesday’s Breakfast

I had an egg for breakfast today. It has been a while since I prepared the ‘allowed’ soft boiled egg. Today I cooked my egg in a skillet. I used the smallest amount of butter and some cooking spray. (When you have stomach problems, folks think that fat is the thing to avoid most – the fat is very difficult for your body to digest)

My dad was known for all of the amazing food he made for everyone he ever cooked for. But to special people (family mostly) he was especially known for his eggs. When we were on family vacations in Maine he would take orders from everyone and fix everyone’s eggs to their request. They were affectionately known as ‘surgical eggs’ – because they were perfect.

My eggs are not surgical. I do not think they ever will be. They can sometimes border on ‘disaster eggs’. At least they still usually taste good. Here is my egg in the skillet:


Breakfast was well balanced. A piece of plain toast, an egg with pepper and a splash of hot sauce (welcome back hot sauce!!!!) a juice glass of orange juice and my special coffee / soymilk morning drink:


The egg looked like a mess but it was well seasoned and cooked the way I liked – the whites cooked well and the yolk still a little runny 🙂


My mid-morning or early afternoon snack will be a clementine:


I can’t wait to enjoy this citrus – it looks soo good!

I’ll be back in a bit. Enjoy the rest of your morning everyone.


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