I cannot wait to bake…

I cannot wait to bake. Of course I could bake by now, I have more energy. I could probably stand up for an hour – that’s how long it usually takes me to go through an entire recipe and bake a couple of batches of cookies. The point being, who would eat them?

I found this recipe on the food52 website. I cannot wait to make these cookies!!

I have been wanting to make peanut butter blossoms since Thanksgiving. I am hoping to go back to work later this week. Perhaps I will bring in some cookies… for everyone else to enjoy?


On a better note:

I accomplished the one thing I wanted to do today. I now have a scanner. I am going to scan old family photographs and letters I have recently found from my dad. I cannot wait to begin the project.

I saw The King’s Speech today. It was fantastic – I highly recommend it to you.

Remember that clementine I was going to eat with breakfast? I just ate it. It was lovely. 😀


I ate it over water lilies.


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