Finally, A Project

I have finally found a project that does not involve food. It took me a long time to come up with one! Last night I officially started my family’s digital archive. It’s quite a project:


There are so many old photographs and documents that I will be scanning over the next several months. It is really exciting. You can tell that I am a historian by nature, schooling and professionally.

Last night I had the rest of my Thai food. Ginger chicken (ginger is great for your stomach), jasmine rice (part of the Brat diet – boo!) and pad thai noodles. This might look like a big plate of food – but it reality it is a super small plate. Maybe something people should eat off more often? I don’t know…

This food was so good. I really appreciate eating ‘normal food’:


The full picture:


My mom has been in the kitchen a lot today. She has some soup in the crock pot now. I am eager to taste it when it is ready – probably around 7 o’clock tonight.

Thankfully I had a bowl of low sodium Trader Joe’s box of tomato soup this afternoon. It was quite good. We are going through another sizable snowstorm today. I am not sure if it is actually a blizzard. But we have a ton of snow, high winds and very low temperatures. I am thankful we have power still – but right now the lines are covered with ice and snow, and the wind is blowing – power outage might be inevitable. Charge one’s iPhone and MacBook immediately!

See you in a bit – stay warm, safe and healthy during the storm!


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