Plant Based Diets…

Happy Sunday morning everyone! I hope you are all having a relaxing, stress free day so far.  Yesterday I was thinking about former President Bill Clinton (or WJC as I affectionately refer to him), as I was watching the funeral service for Sargent Shriver (one of my personal heroes).  I got to thinking about President Clinton’s health and the changes he has made over the last several months.

For now I am posting two videos about President Clinton and how he has changed his diet to a plant based diet and the good it is doing for his body.  President Clinton talks about how he is experimenting with his new diet and he hopes that this diet and lifestyle will correct some of the damage that heart disease has done to his body.

I find these videos fascinating! I hope you enjoy watching them. Of course diets like this are not for everyone, and I am not a nutritionist or a medical expert – but I just think these videos are worth sharing with everyone.

I think whenever you cross off ‘junk food’ or ‘fast food’ from your diet, and increase vegetables, fruits, healthy and lean proteins,  and exercise, your body will be healthier. 🙂



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