A Sunday Burger…

I did end up going out to lunch today with a friend. I did not end up finding the perfect mini tart pan 😦 . I got over it, because I had a pretty amazing hamburger for lunch.

I started my Sunday morning off with a cup of strong Starbucks coffee, brewed at home, and a small bowl of Kashi Heart to Heart with soy milk. I had every intention to go back to my traditional, super healthy oatmeal breakfast – but knowing that a rather large lunch loomed in the near future, I went with a small breakfast.

My friend and I went to lunch at The Met Bar & Grill for lunch. I decided on this because I thought of it as my ‘last lunch out’ before surgery. I never crave hamburgers really, and I cannot remember the last time I ordered one at a restaurant. (But I have been to Five Guys in the last few months – and I love their burgers – but they are definitely ‘fast food’.)

The Met Bar & Grill is sort of known for their hamburgers. They have a burger bar. You can put almost anything on your burger. You can decide between several different kinds of burgers (including kobe) and even different sorts of greens (romaine, bib, arugula) it is almost like making your own drink at Starbucks.

I decided on a hamburger on a seven grain, whole wheat bread with arugula and tomato, swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms. I could have gone all out with a few more toppings, but I decided to keep it simple. In the end I am glad that I did because the end result was quite fantastic:


I totally meant to sub out my fries for a side of mixed greens, but it slipped my mind. Oops! I enjoyed a few fries and I almost finished my hamburger.

My friend ordered a burger with brie and an egg. I love that the Met offers egg on their hamburgers. This totally reminded me of when I traveled in Spain and ordered a hamburger – I was shocked to find an egg on my burger. I was even further surprised when I thought the combo was pretty amazing.

The international burger:


The drink I had was also quite fresh and fantastic. It was a grapefruit fizz drink and I will definitely be ordering it again one day…


I love that there is a piece of grapefruit in the drink. It is so light and crisp, I adored the drink. It was a nice change from my heavy and serious meal! After lunch we walked around for a bit and eventually went to the movies. We saw Black Swan, and Natalie Portman was amazing. It is a dark film – but it is also a masterpiece.

Ok, I’m off to bed – resting up for surgery. Fun times!


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