Why hello there, bloggies. How is your Monday going? Things here are fine. I fully intended to have oatmeal for breakfast today, but my mom left me half of a blueberry muffin…

I had it with a cup of coffee out of my Black Dog coffee mug:


I put the muffin in the toaster oven for a moment to warm it up. It was really good and I am glad there was only half of a muffin!


I always feel like muffins are sort of like having cake for breakfast.

Much later in the day I made myself an amazing sandwich…


On this amazing sandwich was as follows:

swiss cheese (melted onto the bread via toaster oven)




dijon mustard

low sodium turkey

It was delicious and much needed. I spent much of my day dealing with my new (horrible) Apple TV. I have it hooked up in my room now, but I really want it in the family room downstairs so I can watch some great stuff during my recovery, post-surgery. I am not much of a tv person (although I like movies and a couple of shows on television) but when you are post-op there are days when you are not able to concentrate and it is next to impossible to read. So, I’m preparing some good movies, etc. for the next few days. Now I just hope the snow / winter weather does not get in the way of my surgery which is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Anyhow, I’m off to do more errands and cleaning of my room before I become totally incapacitated. See you in a bit!


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