Sunday Basketball

When I went to bed on Saturday I set my alarm for 8:55 AM. I knew I had a busy day and I wanted to make sure to have time to go to the gym for a good workout before basketball really got under way.

I had oatmeal for breakfast and then got my stuff together to head to BSC. Once I got to the gym I made a game day decision. I had been putting in a lot of time on the treadmill lately. My feet literally ached, and I had a couple of blisters forming on my little toes. 😦 So, I decided to give my feet a break, and ride the bike for the entire workout. In the first minute I was on the bike I suddenly set a goal for the workout: ten miles. Does that sound as crazy as it seemed to me!? I thought it was an insane goal – but once I set it out there, I knew I had to accomplish it. It took me under an hour to bike the ten miles. I read my nook while I biked. I watched the start of the UNC basketball game 🙂 It was a productive workout!

One reason I felt the need to have a solid workout on Sunday morning was because I knew I was going to have quite the afternoon watching the Duke basketball game! I met a friend at Jack and Joe’s Sports Grille in Norwood. When I got there there was already a pitcher of Harpoon IPA ordered – perfect! I enjoyed a beer while I par-oozed the menu. I settled on a sandwich: the California chicken club sando. I went all the way and ordered the sweet potato fries on the side. I must say – the fries were amazing. Perfectly seasoned and crunchy. I loved them!

Here is what my plate looked like:

I split the sandwich and fries with my fellow Duke fan. It was a stressful basketball game but thankfully my Blue Devils pulled it off. I am so glad that yesterday was the last day of the tournament until next weekend. In March I find basketball really stressful and I need a break for a few days!

I had an extra few minutes to myself last night where I was able to work out a meal plan of sorts for the week. I find it really helpful to make a schedule and a list of breakfast, lunches and dinners for the week. It gives you some structure and it can lessen your mid week stress if you have an idea of what ingredients you need, and what is going to be for dinner when you get home from a long day at work! Here is my sample meal plan for the week:

Meal: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
(no work)
Breakfast: Yogurt, Yogurt, oatmeal banana yogurt,
granola granola raisins granola
Lunch: Salad w/hard boiled egg / small soup* salad w/hard boiled egg, bacon Hummus, spinach, tomato wrap +8 ounces milk Thai left over
1/2 pb & j sand on ww bread
Snack: small piece chocolate cake* apple apple, peanut butter apple, carrots & hummus
Dinner: BLT (bacon, lettuce or spinach, tomato, ww bread) Tuna melt: tuna, low fat cheese on ww bread Thai food (take away) Ginger chicken, veg pad thai Salad with protein

* starred items are things that were ‘not planned’ in the weekly meal plan. Please pardon the ‘formatting’ issues. I’m not having a good computer night! 😦

Any ideas for Friday?? Hopefully I’ll have an idea by the time Friday rolls around. I hope it is a quick week! 🙂 Well, it has been a long day. My breakfast and lunch for tomorrow is packed. I’m off to get ready for bed and pack my work bag for tomorrow. See you then!


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