I am sure it is spring somewhere. It just is not quite spring in Boston just yet… Yesterday it was snowing. Almost all day long. Thankfully there was no accumulation.

This morning I took the train to work. At 6:30 in the morning it was quite cold. Like puffy Northface jacket cold. So I was wearing the Boston commuting outfit – for the winter time. Did you even know there is a Boston uniform for commuting women in their twenties and thirties? Apparently there is.

North Face jacket (I cannot say enough about this jacket. It has gotten me through three horrible Boston area winters because of it!)

Ugg Boots (so necessary)

Longchamp bag (this bag in the medium or small size is the best bag ever it holds a ton of stuff and it’s very versatile in the weather, season, etc.)

Today I added my North Face hat, gloves, and my Built lunch bag. I was quite decked out!

I’m hoping it warms up soon… but there is snow in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday. Happy spring, everyone!

Read this article to find out why spinach salads are so great for your lunch!! Hooray for leafy greens and olive oil!


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