Thursday Night Dinner…

Sometime on Thursday nights you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. I needed to come up with an idea for dinner and I did not want it to be super complex. I really wanted to make chicken enchiladas but I figured that such a recipe (that can take a bit of time) would be better to make on a Sunday night. So I was stuck.

I was sticking to the meal plan that said tonight’s dinner would be ‘salad with protein’. But I could tell I would need to add a little something on the side. I settled on a few Buitoni mushroom agnolotti. I love these prepared pastas every once in a while. I think they are even more ‘ok’ when you pair them with a really healthy salad, like I did tonight.


Dinner consisted of a salad with red pepper, spinach, tomato, carrots and half a hard boiled egg and four wild mushroom agnolotti topped with ‘no salt added’ tomato sauce and freshly grated parm reg straight from Italy (a la Whole Foods). It was a very satisfying dinner 🙂

I forgot to mention something in the list of things that I love in my earlier post. I love coming home to a clean house… and every Thursday, I get to. My house is so clean that I almost hate going into the kitchen and making a mess. But that is what I did tonight:


Thankfully i had the energy to clean up the mess I made while preparing dinner. I also had enough foresight to think ahead to lunch tomorrow. I made four salads instead of two (that would have been dinner only) and packed two of the salads for lunch tomorrow. I also hard boiled a couple of extra eggs so I can add one to my salad tomorrow afternoon. I hope all of this prep work will make Friday a little easier 🙂

Ok, it is only 9:12 PM and I am thinking about heading to bed. See you tomorrow!


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