Breakfast · Lunch

Rush, rush, rush…

So, I had a busy day at work today. Nothing new there. I didn’t take any photos, I was lucky enough to be able to eat at all. Guess what I had for breakfast? If you guessed a Stonyfield yogurt and some flax plus granola, you hit the jackpot.


Luckily breakfast held me over for a while – but my stomach was making noise when I finally was able to have lunch a bit after 1o’clock this afternoon. I warmed up an Amy’s black bean and vegetable burrito in the staff lunchroom microwave for a couple of minutes. It was great – but I could taste the sodium since I am not used to eating prepared foods these days. But when you do not have anything for lunch, or when you do not feel like making an awesome salad, an Amy’s burrito can save your day!

Tonight I had every intention of making a frittata for me and my mom for dinner. But my mom came home from work sick this morning – and she will not be eating anything for dinner. I think a vegetable omelette might be in the works for me. Sort of like a frittata on a smaller scale?

I am starving so I will start thinking about dinner soon. I had a handful of Annie’s cheddar bunnies on my drive home from work today. I started driving home at 4 o’clock. Guess what I encountered on the road at 4:30? Snow. How totally uncool is that? Ugh. Tomorrow is April 1st. I would really like to have some springtime weather sometime soon. 🙂

Question: Is anyone else having a hard time finding the NON 0% fat Stonyfield yogurts??? The last few times I have been at the market, I have only seen the 0% fat yogurts – and I prefer the low fat kind.

I’ll report back in a bit regarding dinner. Happy Thursday, everyone. I hope it is not snowing where you live!


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