Happy April Fool’s Day… did anyone pull a prank on you?

I fell for an April Fools Day prank, which was pretty serious. One of the running websites posted an article saying that my favorite runner, Kara Goucher was pregnant again. My friend Nichole e-mailed me this morning passing on the word… according to this FAKE article, Kara was dropping out of the Boston Marathon, and so on. By the time I clicked on the link in my friend’s e-mail, they had taken the story down – thank goodness. It took us a while to figure out it was an April Fool’s joke. So uncool.

Mother Nature also pulled an April Fool’s joke, too. I woke up to snow this morning. Which was also very uncool. Thankfully it is all gone now, and the weekend is going to be partly sunny and in the high forties. I am hoping to get a run in outside on Sunday.

My food was not super interesting today – but it was good. Yogurt for breakfast (no granola this time), for lunch a jam and almond butter sandwich on whole wheat bread, afternoon snack was an apple with almond butter, and on the way home I enjoyed a cherry pie mini Larabar.

I made it to the gym, and I told myself that I was only going to do an easy 2 mile jog on the treadmill.

If there is something I am good at, in regards to moderation, it is food. I eat healthy food most of the time and I am good at incorporating foods that aren’t totally healthy in moderation.

When it comes to exercise, I need to learn what moderation is. In the last week, I’ve done 17 1/2 miles. I’m not really sure, but that might not be moderation in your first week back into running.

I ended up doing 2 3/4 miles instead of my two easy miles. The run itself was not great, and I am not sure why. The good news is that I used Body Glide on my feet, and tried yet ANOTHER new pair of socks, and I have no new blisters. What a relief.

After the run (which was a lot later than my normal time – I didn’t wrap up until 7:45) I stopped by East Side Market and picked up a container of their chicken, rice and vegetable soup and a loaf of Olga’s bread for dinner. Mom’s had a bit of a stomach thing – and chicken soup and carbs were exactly what the doctor ordered, I think. We both enjoyed dinner.

It’s 10:15 on Friday night – I’m usually in bed by this time 🙂

I have to give my friend Nichole a huge shout out. She is hard at work training for a half marathon and she is running her first 12 1/2 mile training run on Sunday. Woo-hoo! She also just signed up for the Philadelphia marathon which is in November. I’m so proud of her!

Happy weekend everyone! See you tomorrow.


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